April 14, 2014

Washed Up

Stussy Dipdye Buttondown Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Playboy Shirt- Urban Outfitters Sale
Wide Brim Fedora- Mall Cart
Alpha Khakis- c/o Dockers
Steve Madden's Reston Lace-Up Sandals- Nordstrom Rack $25

Native Youth Dip-Dye Denim Shirt- Urban Outfitters $40
Junk Food Playboy T-Shirt- Pacsun $28
Wide Brim Fedora- no reference
Dockers Alpha Khaki- Dockers $59
Steve Madden's Reston Lace-Up Sandals- Dillard's $63

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April 4, 2014

Decked Out

     The long awaited post featuring Reef's Floral Magic shirt from SWELL.COM. A bunch of you had complimented my Instagram preview, and wanted to know where I got this shirt from. I'm telling you, SWELL has got you covered for your spring essentials! I've been anxious to share this look because I had fun styling as well as shooting on the Santa Monica Pier.
     Floral. Spring. It only made sense to highlight this epic pattern. I chose coral J.Crew shorts to accent the shirt and for another pop of color I wore these sick Kenneth Cole shoes I had thrifted. Still amazes me what you can find at thrift stores. One's mans trash is another man's treasure...no Macklemore. HA! To balance the "chicness" of the look, I added some skater details. Black cap, black Ray-bans, and of course my board. Done!

Reef Floral Magic SS Shirt- Feature Collaboration
Coral J.Crew Shorts- Buffalo Exchange Fullerton
Black Baseball Cap- Owned
Matte Ray-Ban Sunglasses- owned
Puka Shell Bracelet- owned
Kenneth Cole Shoes- Salvation Army

Reef Floral Magic SS Shirt- SWELL $52
Kahala 'Kimo II - Elas' Shorts- Nordstrom $54
Black Baseball Cap- no reference
Matte Ray-Ban Sunglasses- Ray-Ban $125
Puka Shell Bracelet- no reference
Cole Haan LunarGrand- Cole Haan $99

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April 1, 2014

What's Meant Is Mint

     It's been a month...say what?! Now that my "spring break" is over I am back with some new looks. What better way to jump back into things with some beach appropriate fits. A little update, I have been busy with my siblings' spring break, and have been on my audition grind. Spring allows me to whip out the pastels, florals, tanks, shorts...my list could go on so on to this look post.
     I mentioned pastels, which this whole outfit palette mainly consists of. One of my favorite choices of pastels is mint because it is such a refreshing hue. My polo and khakis are layered over with a light jacket. As usual, varsity jackets are a spring trend. How perfectly fitting is this Vans varsity for this season?! I snagged this perfection on SWELL.COM, which contains a variety of must-haves for this spring season. To complete my look, I accented with some bolds: navy woven belt, wooden watch, and my CA Era 45 Vans.

Vans Percy Jacket- Feature Collaboration
Leaf Printed Polo- Thrifted
Alpha Khakis- c/o Dockers
Retro Wooden Watch- Thrifted
CA Era 45 Vans- Owned

Vans Percy Jacket- SWELL $62
Leaf Printed Polo- no reference
Dockers Alpha Khaki- Dockers $59
Nixon's "The Mellor Automatic"- Nixon $600
CA Era 45 Vans- Owned- Vans $40-$60

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March 6, 2014

American Eagle's: Project Live Your Life

    Hey readers! I am pretty excited to share that I am running for American Eagle's Project Live Your Life! I was extremely inspired by the previous winners and their stories. American Eagle takes the contest winners on an adventure of a lifetime. Not only do they allow the winners to be a part of their photo shoot campaign, but they also make each individual's dream come true! I have a plethora of aspirations, and to imagine that one of those might actually come true with American Eagle is completely mind boggling. On to the look break down...
    I wanted to show a little bit of who I am, and what better way to do it through style. My style inspirations come from anything and everything. I've been labeled a Cali boy, hipster, beach bum, swaggy, and list goes on when it comes to the way I dress. For this look, I decided to include a little bit of them all because I don't think my style can be specifically defined. I am completely styled in American Eagle from head to toe. (minus the sunnies ha!) I even added old accessories I had from the brand way back when. What I love most about American Eagle's selection of clothing is they allow you express your individuality through there selection of clothing.
    Do me a personal favor, and help support my dream! :) Click the link or banner below to be directed to my American Eagle profile. Please log in on the contest website using your Facebook in order to give an official 'like' by 'hearting' my photos. Once logged in you can either re-click the link below or find me by searching 'brandonj' under the view gallery option:

Brandon's American Eagle Profile (click)

Feel free to share this link and spread the word. I'd appreciate your support and thank you in advance! :)

Photo Real Tank- American Eagle $15
Original Straight Jean- American Eagle $22
Denim Jacket- American Eagle $60
Plaid Workwear Shit- American Eagle $30
Printed Sneaker- American Eagle $30

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