October 15, 2017


    Holy smokes! It's 97 degrees in Southern California. This weather is reminiscent of the kind of heat I experienced in Mexico. While summer lasts a bit longer out here, I decided to knock out the last few looks from my trip before fall hits. I am already in the works of a fall post collaboration with The Idle Man so stay tuned for that.
    This is your typical summer by the beach look. It actually reminds me of Baywatch haha! I simply paired one of my fave tanks, that I got form the Bahamas for $1, with some bold red swim shorts. To contrast the top and bottom half of my outfit, I threw on some mirrored red sunglasses and my white loafers from Vans.

Bahama Tank- Souvenir Shop $1
ASOS Swim Short- Buffalo Exchange
Mirrored Aviator- Mall Cart
Loafers- Vans

Tank- Pacsun prices vary
Red Swim Short- Topman $12
Mirrored Wayfarer- Ray-Ban prices vary
Van Slip-On- Vans $50

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September 17, 2017

Made of Matiere

Photography taken by Jenn Santos

    “Embedded within the fiber of Matiere is the belief that material leads design.” MATIERE is inspired from the French word meaning “material” or “subject matter.” Matiere focuses on the seamless integration of form, function, and comfort into their sleek modern aesthetic with an understated yet refined point of view.
    This two piece sweatsuit was from their SS'14 collection. I decided to bring it along with me on my trip because the simplicity of design yet detailed construction was enough to stand out in a crowd. You can totally tell Matiere takes importance in their choice of material. The comfort of this sweat suit was light, breathable, and perfect for roaming around the resort.

Website: www.matiere.com
Instagram: @MatiereCollection

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August 25, 2017

Palm Posted

    Only in Tulum would you find perfectly slanted palm trees for you to post up on. Haha! I had to take advantage of the opportunity to shoot this look. In contrast to my last post where it was more focused on comfort, I always balance my wardrobe with outfits of sophistication when traveling. I chose to wear a floral button up that was still breathable and beach resort appropriate. By pairing them with a pair of white trousers it elevated the sleekness of the whole ensemble. My accessories were minimal, but when accenting with subtle metal details made all the difference. I tied in the cool tones of the attire by wearing these super comfortable pair of ventilated Trentorn sneakers.

Floral Button Up- Zara
Cropped Trousers- Zara
Mirrored Aviator- Ray-Ban
Shoes- Tretorn

Floral Button Up- Zara prices vary
Cropped Trousers- Zara prices vary
Mirrored Aviator- Ray-Ban $170
Shoes- Tretorn prices vary

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August 20, 2017

Coolin' en Playa ParaĆ­so

Photography taken by Jenn Santos

    Hola Amigos! This is my first post from my vacation in Mexico. The first location I visited was Playa Paraiso in Tulum, Quintana Roo. The name translates to "paradise beach' and the name certainly speaks for itself. The scenery was super serene and beautiful. The shores were covered in miles of white sand and palm trees and the water was blue and crystal clear.
    For a couple of these next style posts I wanted to bring some brands that I have worked with a while back, but never got around to featuring them on Seamed Right. Their clothing was pretty specific for summer and I thought what better way to showcase them in Mexico. My tank is from Matiere Collection. Matiere is a brand I absolutely dig. Their clothing is mad different from what is out there and they are based out of Newport, which makes that more of a plus because I am an OC native. I paired their tank with these palm printed shorts from H&M. I was definitely going for a beachy leisure vibe using cool tones and summer prints. My sunnies are from RAEN Optics. I must say, these are one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses. The handcrafted detail stones in the frame are eye-catching and are truly one of a kind. Hasta luego for now!

courtesy of locogringo

Tank Top- Matiere Collaboration
Palm Shorts- H&M
Fairbank Round Sunglasses- RAEN Collaboration

Tank Top- Matiere prices vary
Palm Shorts H&M- H&M prices vary
Fairbank Round Sunglasses- RAEN prices vary

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