April 27, 2016

Meshy Weekend

    Second weekend. Second outfit! Coachella's two consecutive weekends are always poppin.' It all comes down to preference when choosing which weekend to live it up. It is known that the second weekend is more chill from all the hype of the first and less crowded. Everyone wears bright colors and dress more freely when it comes to this festival. I've decided to show how to wear all black, yet breathable attire for the dessert.
    To keep cool, I've chose this dope mesh cut-off shirt I found for a $2 at Goodwill. I threw on a pair of black chino shorts from H&M and rolled them up to prevent awkward tan lines. Ha! The final black finish to this look was my Redwing boots. The boots had a detail of brown, so I decided to accentuate the rest of the look with my brown fedora and leather accessories.

Wide Brim Fedora- Mall Cart
Mesh Cut-Off- Goodwill
Black Shorts- H&M
Redwing Boots- Nordstrom Rack

Fedora- Brixton prices vary
Mesh T-Shirt- H&M $25
Black Shorts- Topmanprices vary
Red Wing Boots 6-inch- Red Wing Shoes prices vary

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April 16, 2016

Coachella Chillin'

    In April, everybody who is anybody heads to the California desert. IT'S COACHELLA WEEKEND! The annual music festival is a popular scene that lasts two back-to-back weekends. I happened to have shot this look in Indio on the way to Salvation Mountain. In honor of Coachella Weekend 1, I decided to post this festival outfit. I was suppose to be attending this year with my cousins from Texas, but plans have changed. There is always next year!
    Located in the Palm Springs area, filled with hip hotels and exclusive parties, it gets typically HOT! (figuratively & literally) This outfit is appropriate for pool parties or simply walking around the music festival. Necessities: sunglasses, the least amount of clothing, friends, and don't forget the iconic Coachella arm candy ;)

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses- Nordstrom
Swim Shorts- Topman Sale
Multicolored Bracelets- H&M
Birkenstock Sandals- not pictured

Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs prices vary
Swim Shorts- Topmanprices vary
Multicolored Bracelets- H&M $5

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February 29, 2016

Yeezy Season

    Thanks to Yeezy, bummin' it never looked and felt so good. There are times where I just want to throw on a cap and some sweats before heading out. With Kanye's ready-to-wear clothing and unconventional use of fabrics, his collection allow us to be comfortable and effortlessly stylish. I enjoy the layered silhouettes, distressed details, and muted tones because they make your everyday basics artistically fashionable. Quoted himself, "I think people just wear yoga pants and sweatshirts, and I wanted to make the most beautiful version of that possible." Thanks for that Kanye, we do love them! I purchased this Yeezy Season inspired look from H&M.

Black Cap- H&M
Shirt- H&M
Distressed Sweatpants- H&M
Komono Watch- Ebay
Redwing Boots- Nordstrom Rack

Cashmere Baseball Cap- Gents $74
Moss Cotton T-shirt- H&M $25
Distressed Sweatpants- no reference
Winston Galore Camo M81 / Woven Black Watch- Komono $100
Red Wing Boots 6-inch- Red Wing Shoes prices vary

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February 11, 2016

Stay Golden

Photography taken by Pedro Correa

    Well, I guess fall didn't last that long on the west coast. It's been looking like perfect sunny days in LA. I wanted to transition into a spring look with some of my favorite winter sale items that I had picked up over the past few months. For this monochromatic palette, I chose to go with accents of gold. H&M had some killer finds! I got this shimmery cotton sweater and these tailored cargo pants both in the sale section at their location in Las Vegas. My shoes were from The Rosebowl Flea Market and my bracelet was great find at Macy's. Stay golden California!

Rosin Wide Brim Felt Fedora- Urban Outfitters
Taupe Sweatshirt- H&M Sale
Lyocell-blend Cargo Pants- H&M Sale
Single-Cut Diamond Bracelet- Macy's Sale
Suede Wingtip Shoes- Rosebowl Flea Market

Rosin Wide Brim Felt Fedora- Urban Outfitters $45
Taupe Sweater- H&M $35
Lyocell-blend Cargo Pants- H&M $20
Single-Cut Diamond Bracelet- Macy's $80
1901'Edison' Wingtip- Nordstrom $66

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