September 27, 2011

Primarily Graphic.

     The easiest finds for me when thrifting are usually sweaters and jackets. It doesn't matter what season it is, I never leave the store without finding something from those departments. Recently though that cycle was broken for a good cause! After searching through multiple racks, I came across four graphic tees that instantly caught my eye! If only it were always that easy. What attracted me to these shirts was their relativity to my personal life, their cleverness, and their typographic design. Threadless sells a bunch of cool shirts with these characteristics. But nothing beats the price I got for these, and it just so happens they were primary colors! It was a "way too graphic" day.

1. The white shirt reminded me of my Dad's side of the family. They all live in Texas, and it brought back memories of my childhood.

2. The navy blue shirt is the story of my life! Internet consumes my existence. (haha) I must confess, lately I have been prioritizing Seamed Right over anything else. :)

3. "YES!" The yellow shirt is simply rad because it captures one of my favorite parts of Napoleon Dynamite. The scene where Kip is bowling, and the way he celebrates is comedy! It is a must see. (Youtube it!)

4. I love the typography of the red shirt. I enjoy the way "Ciao Ciao" is typed out in a Coca Cola-esque font. This is my favorite out of the bunch because it sparked a brilliant idea for an upcoming look. I will leave it at that to keep my readers anxious :)

Thrift of the Day:
"Don't Mess with Texas" Tee- Thrifted
"Ciao Ciao" Tee- Thrifted
"Yes!" Tee- Thrifted
"Internet was down.." Tee- Thrifted

Graphic Tees- Threadless $5-$20

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