October 4, 2011

Excess or Rise

     When hearing fashion and accessories, what gender comes to mind? Women have a lot more options when it comes to spicing up an outfit, but that doesn’t that doesn't eliminate the option for men to do the same. With men’s fashion, keeping it simple is most effective. With the right amount men are able stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind though that over accessorizing can completely ruin an outfit. My personal favorite items are eyewear, ties, and watches.
     The items in the photo are from my finds in a day of thrifting in in the desert. Glasses can say a lot about a person. They come in an endless variety of frames that can express your personality. I found these gnarly replicas of the eyeglasses Johnny Depp wears. His are actually Lemtosh by Mascot. They are made with a thick frame that give off a retro feel. Next, I chose the bowtie. The great thing about bowties is that they can make a casual fit more hip, and it can also enhance formal attire with an added level of class. I was stoked to add this bowtie to my collection because of its vintage pattern and texture. Lastly, the most important piece when accessorizing is a great watch. No other accessory commands such power and sophistication at every occasion.

Thrift of the day:
Glasses- Thrifted
Vintage Bowtie- Thrifted
1980's Moonfaced Seiko Watch- Thrifted

Miltzen Eyeglasses- Mascot $225
Vinegar Hill Bowtie- Urban Oufitters $48
Seiko Watch- Seiko Prices Vary

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  1. I love this look and where the inspiration came from!! :)

  2. Thanks Rey! What look are you referring to?

  3. I totally commented on the wrong post but nonetheless, I love the watch!


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