October 16, 2011

Layered Youth

Photography taken by Ron Alan Cruz

     The 90's reminded me of the years when playing baseball took up most of my day, and shows like "Saved By the Bell" and "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" set the standard of what I thought was cool. The trends back in those days were relaxed and carefree. Less effort was definitely more hip. When I was younger, I remember not worrying about how I dressed. I would put on whatever clothes made me feel comfortable, without thinking twice, even if it didn't match. Now that I look back at old photos, I would consider my style to be refreshing to compared to the current trends. There is nothing wrong with dressing down and letting the inner child come out. I wanted to incorporate that same mindset with this look.
     Recently, California's weather has been unpredictable, where somedays are hot and others feel like fall is finally here. I decided to layer up in a strategic way to be prepared for both. I am wearing a baseball tee that is comfortable for a sunny day, but also allows enough coverage for cooler temperatures. I remember tying my sweaters around my waist when I was younger. I was too lazy to put it away, but the convenient thing about that was I still had the option to wear it when it got cold. What guy doesn't remember wearing long johns when they were a kid? I decided to wear these thermal pants underneath my copper shorts. With this way of layering, you can still wear shorts while staying warm. I had to complete the look with my snapback and of course a non-matching pair of Vans.

Snapback- Thrifted
Iron Maiden Baseball Tee- Buffalo Exchange
Cotton Crewneck Sweater- Target (50% off Rack)
Copper Jean Shorts- Thrifted
Thermal Pant- Owned
Old Skool Vans- Stussy Sample Sale 04'

New Era Snapback- New Era $25-$35
Baseball Tee- Urban Outfitters $24
Theory 'Leimanc' Crewneck- Nordstrom $195
Polo Ralph Lauren Mission Canyon Cargo Shorts- Macy's $70
Hane's Thermal Pant- Wal-Mart $8
Old Skool Vans- Vans $50

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