October 9, 2011

Oh Snaps!

     I started my collection of snapbacks in 2008. There was a Salvation Army located near my dance studio. The thrift store existed in Fullerton before burning down. That Salvation Army had these caps in a variety of colors for a reasonable price. I couldn't debate on which one I liked the most so I purchased them all.
     Snapbacks were popular in the 90's. It all started with the NBA and MLB selling these types of hats for memorabilia, but the first to make these hats trendy were a rap group called N.W.A. The group conisted of rappers such as Easy E, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre, who wore these fitted caps in their music videos. Ever since 2010, snapbacks have made a comeback. Current hip hop stars such as Chris Brown, Tyga, and Whiz Khalifa can be seen rocking these adjustable hats. After reading the recent October issue of GQ magazine, I saw that one of the items on their trending topic was indeed the snapback. Now that the snapbacks are more prevalent than ever I decided dust off my caps and put them to use. Stay tuned for the look!

Thrift of The Day:
Plain Snapbacks- Thrifted

New Era Snapback- New Era $25-$35

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