October 11, 2011

Overseaing Summer

Photography taken by Ron Alan Cruz

     Although Fall has arrived, we lucky Californians still get beautiful sunny weather. You can never tell when Fall will officially settle in but alas, Summer will soon be sailing away. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasted. Who doesn't like going to the beach on a sunny day? The concept for this look was to show that I am packing up summer attire as the warmer weather will be traveling somewhere across the sea.
     I wanted to portray the look that was popular in the 1950's where loafers, polo shirts, and rolled up sweaters provided an opportunity for men to stray away from suited attire. As the attire in the 50's became more relaxed, colors and patterns came into play. It was known as the Ivy League or "preppie" look, where sweaters donned over collared shirts became a staple of that generation.
     John F. Kennedy became an icon for his sartorial simplistic way of dressing. Take a look at his beachside looks when sailing Cape Cod and you'll find images of him in polos, khaki shorts, and loafers. In colder weather he would wear v-neck sweater or cardigan with his sleeves rolled up.
     The sweater I am wearing is a blue vintage Lacoste made of cotton. The sweater is thick enough to protect me from the ocean's breeze, yet comfortable enough for the rays of sun and shore of the beach. Underneath I am wearing a vintage pale yellow polo. For this clean conservative look, I decided to put on a pair of pastel plaid chino shorts and cream loafers. Of course, what JFK look would be complete without a pair of black Wayfarer glasses? This look is a spin of modern elegance in casual attire with simplicity and masculinity.

Wayfarer Sunglasses- Found
Vintage Lacoste Sweater- Thrifted
Vintage Polo- Thrifted
Pastel Plaid Chino Shorts- Thrifted
Cream Loafers- Urban Outfitters $39

Wayfarer Sunglasses- Ray-Ban $145
Lacoste Sweater- Lacoste $58
Polo Shirt- Ralph Lauren $85
Chino Shorts- Ralph Lauren $65
Cream Loafers- Vans $55

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