November 28, 2011

Black Friday 2011

     I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! Sorry for the 7 day hiatus. Good news, I did get to shoot a couple of new looks that I am excited to share! My break from school lasted a week, but I barely had anytime get in any posts. From going to Vegas for the Katy Perry Concert, family visiting for Thanksgiving, and losing hours of sleep for Black Friday sales, I felt like everything was non-stop!
     On that note I purchased everything I wanted for Black Friday. This annual sale event is the perfect opportunity to be thrifty! I made a strategic plan of the order to camp out at that night, and I must say it was successful. The only two stores I wanted to go to were Fry's and Urban Outfitters. I went to Fry's for an external drive for my Macbook Pro. I have a bajillion of files for graphic design projects and Seamed Right, and I thought it'd be useful to store/back the files up. I bought a 1.5TB Seagate for only $68. The Urban Outfitters shopping experience was insane! Their sale was an additional %50 off all sale items. I somehow went in an out of the store quicker than I anticipated. I maneuvered out of the madness and came out the store with 3 pairs of shoes and a gnarly Vans OTW-66 Starter snapback. I was stoked that each pair of shoe was a different style. The three shoes I posted are a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Brawley Boats, Brogue Saddle Oxfords, and Urban Outfitter's 'American' Vans. The hat will be featured in a later look. Stay tuned for the post!

Thrift of the Day:
Polo Ralph Lauren Brawley Boat- Black Friday Sale $20
Brogue Saddle Oxford- Black Friday Sale $20
Urban Outfitter's 'American' Vans- Black Friday Sale $20

Polo Ralph Lauren Brawley Boat- Ralph Lauren $99
Brogue Saddle Oxford- Urban Outfitters $68
Urban Outfitter's 'American' Vans- Urban Outfitters $60

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