November 20, 2011

Coolin' with Cola

Photography taken by Ron Alan Cruz

     In my previous post, "Primarily Graphic," I shared some of my t-shirt finds from a day of thrifting. I mentioned that I would incorporate the "Ciao Ciao" Tee in an future look. When I found this shirt I instantly knew what attire to put together. The red tee has a Italian saying printed in a Coca-Cola-esque font. For the colder seasons I usually think of somber colors when it comes to fashion. D&G's campaign did the complete opposite with their theme for their Men's Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection. Their underlying focus was vibrance in hue, with hints of pop, art, and graphic t-shirts.

     I am wearing a brown plaid blazer with a the red "Ciao Ciao" shirt underneath. The forest green skinnies I purchased at Buffalo Exchange. Saturated color with earthy tones are a great combination for Fall/Winter. To include the pop feel, I finished the look off with headphones and denim Nike Blazers.

Plaid Blazer- Buffalo Exchange
"Ciao Ciao" Tee- Thrifted
Forest Green Skinny Jeans- Buffalo Exchange
Headphones- Ross $7
Denim Nike Blazers- Owned

Blazer- Neiman Marcus $357
"Coca Cola" Tee- D&G $185
Green Skinny Corduroy- ASOS $64
Headphones- Skull Candy $150
Denim Nike Blazers- Owned

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