December 2, 2011

Shine On

Photography taken by Wrigely Corales

     It's not hard to believe that in California we are still getting beautiful weather. It feels amazing to have the cool breeze of the wind with the warmth of the sun beaming on me. With this look I wanted to capture that feeling by taking it in a natural environment during sunset. The direction I was aiming for with this attire was simple and sophisticated. But, as I expressed in a previous post, "Excess or Rise," accessories can elevate your look. The vintage Moonfaced Seiko and black bow tie took my outfit from simple to sleek. I rolled up my navy blazer to bring focus to the wrist accessory, and my khaki pants to display my brand new oxford shoes that I purchased on Black Friday. (don't mind the dust from the dirt haha) The look was meant for evening attire, but with a touch of gold, I am still able to shine. I will be attending the Lookbook event tomorrow for the d.RA SPRING 2012 Preview Party. I will definitely blog about the experience, but I hope to see you there :)

Navy Blazer- Thrift
Vintage Button Up- Thrifted
Khaki Pants- Buffalo Exchange
Bowtie- Buffalo Exchange
1980's Moonfaced Seiko Watch- Thrifted
Brogue Saddle Oxford- Black Friday Sale $20

Navy Blue Blazer- J.Crew $995
Polka Dot Button Up- ASOS $45
Khaki Pants- Neiman Marcus $58
David Donahue Bow Tie- Nordstrom $45
Seiko Watch- Seiko Prices Vary
Brogue Saddle Oxford- Urban Outfitters $68

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  1. I love this look. Navy and beige are so complimentary! *10 POINTS*

  2. I totally agree! I thought I was the only one :)

  3. Oh, and +100 for favoring vintage :) I am all about it!

  4. ahh I love this outfit!


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