January 3, 2012

Brief Trend

     An important accessory for your attire is the object used to hold your belongings. Men's bags can often be viewed as feminine, however there are other options that aren't stereotyped as a "man purse." I personally think briefcases are evidently masculine. Of course this type accessory is more suitable for business attire. There are some softer style briefcases compared to the box shaped one that I had posted. For an everyday and more casual bag, I would suggest using a stylish back pack. This briefcase was thrifted and in perfect condition, nothing a little dusting couldn't fix. I am not quite sure how old it is, but this specific style hard to come by. I am excited about this find because it will be featured in an upcoming collaboration. Stay posted!

Thrift of the Day:
Vintage Breifcase- Thrifted

Président Clausseur- Louis Vuitton $9,050

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