January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Blues

Photography taken by Ron Alan Cruz

I suggest to click play on the video I shared as it sets the mood for this read, and it is simply great music!

     I had an amazing birthday yesterday because I got to spend it with my family and friends. The day was divided up into two. I had Korean BBQ for lunch with my buddies, and dinner at Miguel's Restaurant with the family. It was a simple celebration because my birthday happened to land in the beginning of the week, but I realized I didn't need to do anything extravagant to make this birthday a memorable one. This just gives me the reason to celebrate everyday until this weekend!
     Digressing now, here is a "Birthday Outfit" I put together using the leather jacket I had found. The attire is 70's inspired as it consists of leather and velour. I wanted to put together a layered look that was sophisticated and party ready. The use of deeper colors, such as royal blue and maroon, definitely give this look some edge. The royal blue jacket and velour v-neck long sleeve were a "one of a kind" find. It was hard for me to find references, which is a benefit of thrifting when it comes to originality and personal style. I laced my feet with my vintage saddle shoes that tie in the whole look together. (pun intended)

Vintage Biker Jacket- Thrifted
Velour V-neck Long Sleeve- Thrifted
White Button Up- Thrifted
Black Skinny Tie- Thrifted
Levi's 511 Black Stretch- Owned
Vintage Saddle Shoe- Thrifted

Barneys Leather Biker Jacket- ASOS $137
Velour Color Block Long Sleeve Raglan- American Apparel $40
White Button Up- H&M $40
Theory Skinny Silk Tie- Nordstrom $98
Levi's 511 Black Stretch- Levi's $44
Allen Edmonds 'Shelton' Saddle Oxford- Nordstrom $335

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  1. This look is amazing, love the shoes, the jacket, everything. Great combination of garments! :)

  2. Pretty Blog!!i like the photos!!♥
    so nice jacket!!n,n
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    and i hope you can check it and if
    you like it can follor us and comment
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  3. I will definitely stop by your page right...now :)


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