January 26, 2012

Midnight Celebrant

Photography taken by Ron Alan Cruz

     There are benefits of having your birthday land in the beginning of the week. This month has been awesome because I have never really experienced a "birthday month" until now. The following Friday of my birthday I had a celebration with some of my fellow Capricorns in Downtown Los Angeles. I came straight out of a performance, but luckily I made it to the venue by midnight. It helped that I had put this look together, and was able to shoot it the night before.
     For this look I wanted to go for more of a dark upscale feel, using deep colors and accents of leather. I am wearing a burgundy trench jacket that I found at buffalo exchange. It was an instant purchase, because the tailoring was perfect for my body. Underneath I kept it sleek with a white button up, skinny tie, and a rad vintage plaid vest. For bottoms I wore grey skinny dress pants. The leather accessories consist of fingerless gloves, belt, and my vintage 1950's dress shoes. This Friday there is another collabo celebration for the rest of my friends that couldn't make it the last time. It was actually the originally planned event to celebrate my good friend and mines day of birth. I will try and post the look for that occasion. Birthday Months rock!

Burgundy Trench Jacket- Buffalo Exchange
White Button Up- Thrifted
J.Crew Plaid Vest- Thrifted
Black Skinny Tie- Thrifted
Cut Off Leather Gloves- Owned
Dress Pants- Buffalo Exchange
Vintage Roblee Dress Shoe- Thrifted

Burgundy DB Cropped Mac- Topman $150
White Button Up- H&M $40
Plaid Vest- no reference
Theory Skinny Silk Tie- Nordstrom $98
Leather Glove- ASOS $23
Light Grey Skinny Dress Pants- Topman $55
Prada High Shine Apron Toe Oxford- Nordstrom $650

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  1. thanks for your comment,
    i really like your outfit! and i love the jacket:)


  2. I love a man with style! Nice jacket.
    Love, Megan


  3. Anna- Thank you!
    Megan- just left you a comment ;) Thanks again!


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