February 10, 2012

Casually in Command

Photography taken by Ron Alan Cruz

     Ever since I found this authentic vintage army jacket, I could not wait to put a look together. Seeing camo print everywhere did not help my anticipation either. It seems like men's fashion is moving more towards an outdoorsy feel. I think it is awesome because this past trend is making a statement in the present. Army jackets give a sense of masculinity. By tailoring them, make the piece of clothing fashionable.
     The main thing to keep in mind, when trying to pull of this look, is to make sure that the jacket is fitted. Baggy army jackets can give off a 'not well put together' vibe. With this look, I also chose to wear the jacket with my sleeves rolled up to make it more form fitting. I was going for more of a casual appeal. I paired up a white v-neck with dark denims. Since this look was simple, I layered with a hooded vest underneath and accessorized with a black beanie. My two birthday presents put the final touch. I wore cherry red Doc Martens for color and my Louis Vuitton Pendant acted as a sleeker version of a dog tag.

Vintage Army Jacket- Thrifted
White V-kneck- Target
Black Beanie- Van's Sale $10
Gray BDG Zip Hoody- Owned
Levi's 511 Dark Denim- Outlet
Louis Vuitton Dog Tag- Gifted
Cherry Red Doc Martens- Gifted

Urban Renewal Vintage Camo Shirt Jacket- Urban Outfitters $20
Hanes Men's Premium V-Neck- Target $23
Lightweight Oversized Beanie- Urban Outfitters $18
California Fleece Sleeveless Zip Hoody- American Apparel $38
Levi's 511 Dark Denim- Levi's $30
Cherry Red Doc Martens- Dr. Martens $115

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  1. Love military details and boots are lovely!


  2. Thank you sir! Just peeped your blog. Sweet banner!


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