February 25, 2012

Treasured Tank

     Yesterday was such a perfect day! From the weather to the countless activities, I enjoyed every part of it. It was sunny with the ideal amount of cool breeze. The beach was definitely calling, and my buddies and I took advantage of the opportunity. Beach days during February are definitely a benefit of living in southern California. We hit up Huntington and chilled on the shores, Northside of the Pier. As I was getting ready I had discovered a tank that I purchased in the Bahamas. This is one of my favorite tanks because of its lightweight sheer material, and is memorabilia of my second family cruise. I am glad I found it because I am stoked to feature it in a look. Not to mention, it only cost one dollar, and is identical to the one featured on this model.

Thrift of the Day:
Bahamas Tank- $1

Tank With Nautical Print- ASOS $28

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  1. Can I have your tank? Or maybe buy it? LOL. SRSLY. It's kinda hard to buy nice tanks down here in the Philippines.

  2. Haha thank you Louis! I will be opening an online store in the future. I will definitely keep in mind to have a selection of tanks.


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