March 3, 2012

Cold Rebel

Photography taken by Wrigely Corales

     The days have been heating up lately, and I am really enjoying it. I dislike how cold it gets at night because I am ready for spring. It's as if the weather were teasing us. I checked the 5-day forecast, and this weekend it is suppose to peak to 90 degrees! I guess I am not the only cold rebel.
     The look was inspired by the rebellious type feel. This outfit was put together to be prepared for the weather throughout the day. I finally got to incorporate my gnarly Bahama tank! It is the perfect top for the California sun. The vintage biker jacket is intended for the evening when the weather starts to cool. To give the look a bit more edge, I used a navy bandana as a headband, and wore my vintage military boots.

Leather Jacket- Thrifted
Bahama Tank- Thrifted
Bandana- Owned
511 Dark Denim Skinny Jeans- Outlet
Vintage Military Boots- Thrifted

Ted Baker London Leather Jacket- Nordstrom $625
Tank With Nautical Print- ASOS $28
Basic Bandana- Urban Outfitters $6
511 Wet Indigo Skinny Jeans- Levi's $118
Homme Timper Boots- ASOS $125

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  1. So luv it!

  2. your thrift buys are as amazing as the current highstreet for less! London needs more of this so called thrift... our vintage is too old fashhion and not fitted

  3. Thanks so much Toni. Maybe I will bring it to London! haha

  4. love the look :D

    Lg Tram


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