March 28, 2012

Hint of Tints

Photography taken by Dave Jaranilla

     This is another spring look, but I wanted to keep it minimal. I made sure to cover my basis of texture, pattern, and detail, but in a simplistic manner. I chose a soft powdered color palette. My inspiration was to make everything look and feel light.
     I am wearing a cotton striped sweater over a light washed denim button up. I wanted the light denim accents more visible. I popped out the collar and untucked the bottom of the button up. My bottoms are chino shorts of a similar tint, but in richer color. My shoes are O'Hanlon Mills that I purchased from Urban Outfitters. A little over a year ago, they were on sale for $10. Although some of Urban's items may seem expensive, they have the greatest deals in the sale section.

Stripe Sweater- Thrifted
Light Wash Denim- Thrifted
Chino Shorts- Thrifted
O'Hanlon Mills Leather Camp Oxford- Urban Outfitters Sale

Selected Breton Stripe Sweater- ASOS $89
Denim Long Sleeve Button-Up - American Apparel $64
Diesel Regone Sho Shorts- ASOS $196
O'Hanlon Mills Leather Camp Oxford- Urban Outfitters $70

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  1. Love that pale denim shirt, i've been searching for something like that but nothing...

    1. Thank you sir. The links, under the retail section, forward you to a website where to purchase a similar type button up.


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