March 8, 2012

Vans 106 Moc x Speckled Authentic

     After interning in L.A. I happened to pass by a thrift store that I noticed while driving. The majority of this thrift store was overpriced because the owner had claimed the items to be "vintage." Being an avid thrifter, I developed the eye for the value in certain things. He was not going to fool me into buying anything that I knew was overpriced unless it was absolutely worth it.
     In the back of the store I discovered a rad pair of Vans. Without looking at the price, I knew I had to purchase these kicks. The shoes reminded me of one of my favorite pairs of Vans in their current collection, the Speckled Authentics. The shoes were in a rough condition, but I used Mint Instant Shoe Cleaner to whiten the gums. This little black bottle works wonders! I didn't mind the minor wear and tear because it gave the shoes that subtle vintage touch. My other favorite from the Vans Collection is their Black Leather Moc 6. Instead of buying new white laces, to enhance these kicks, I put some leather ones instead. I would like to present: The Vans 106 Moc x Speckled Authentic.

Thrift of the Day:
Vintage Speckled Vans- Thrifted
Leather Laces- Owned

Leather 106 Moc-Vans $65
Speckle Authentic-Vans $47

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