April 20, 2012

Blocked Color

Photography taken by Dave Jaranilla

     It has been a while since I put a sophisticated look together. I could hardly wait to put this "Compliments of Spring" button up to use. It is such a rad shirt! For this look I wanted the focus to be solely on the button up. Spring is all about color blocking. Since the colors were so bold, instead, I decided to block the color. The complimented hue within in the shirt were so vibrant I wanted to tone it down by layering the rest of the outfit in black. It gives the shirt a nice revealing touch.
     I am wearing a black blazer with the floralesque short sleeve, both were thrifted. The blazer had the perfect tailoring. The bottoms consist of black Levi's trousers and my favorite Salvatore Ferragamo chukkas. It is hard to come across these pair of shoes since they are majorly popular. I was lucky to have snagged them for a deal on Ebay. The last touch to this look was my orange silk pocket square. It came with another vintage blazer I had found, but I thought it "suited" this ensemble.

Striped Button Up- Thrifted
Floralesque Short Sleeve- Thrifted
Vintage Silk Pocket Square- Thrifted
511' Commuter Trousers- Owned
Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Chukka- Ebay

Body Slim Fit Sateen Blazer- Calvin Klein $125
Salvatore Ferragamo Starfish Pocket Square- Barneys New York $120
B-Store Liberty Collab Button Down Floral Shirt- ASOS $281
Levi's 511 Commuter Trousers- Levi's $78
Salvatore Ferragamo Chukka- Barneys New York $219

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  1. Hey nice post ..but I believe that your not suppose to button the bottom button your suit :( that is considered NO NO in the suit world.


    See rule # 9


    1. Let's just say I don't follow the rules of fashion. Haha! I mean are they really rules to be followed when it comes to personal style? I don't mind wearing my blazers open occasionally. None the less, it was to showcase the shirt and belt. There is a photo with the suit buttoned up posted as well. Thank you kindly for the insight Anon.

    2. You sure right about there are no rules when it comes to personal style! I absolutely agree! BUT, there are some things that are not meant to be done, not trying to discourage you, but the reason for that is because you don't want the bottom button to burst by wearing it. Especially if your suits are "vintage", even more wear and tear can ruin that beautiful piece of clothing :) . Just trying to help.

      Good Day Sir

    3. Ahh, I misread your comment. As you can see my response is clearly not reguarding the bottom button. (haha) Your initial comment was never taken offensively. I appreciate advice! Thank you.

  2. Amazing! That shirt is a main role of the outfit!


    1. I am glad that my intended purpose was recognized. Thank you for that Aleksa.


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