April 8, 2012

Foam x Urban Outfitters Event

     "Hellawood, a surf-inspired pop-up shop and art show (curated By Marissa Maximo for Urban Outfitters In Collaboration with Timothée Verrecchia for Verrecchia & Partners) launched at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles this April. Featuring photography, film, visual art, and commissioned boards, in addition to men’s and women’s surf apparel from across the U.S. and Australia. Hellawood aims to show that—in the sentiment of Jeff Spicoliall—we need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and we’re fine."

     Fashion, music, art, and surf, what more could a person ask for? The Hellawood opening was an amazing experience. Again, I would like to thank Andie of Urban Outfitters for the humbling invite. The set up was spectacular as every section of the room had a different feel. The variety art displayed on the walls along with the dimly lit room helped set the mood. The vibe was lively and everyone was dressed at their best.

Art Park

     This art influenced brand, based out of Australia, is one with which to be familiar. Paul McNeil and Craig Rochfort shaped the brand with their inspiration of their surroundings. Art Park's table consisted of gnarly graphic tees, and as an artist I greatly appreciated their work. My favorite piece of clothing was Paul McNeil's "Lefts" board shorts. They were designed in the perfect blue color with an elegant illustrated wave pattern. The fellas of Art Park were very easy going and had a rad sense of style. One of them described it as chill and laid back.

>> The Artpark

     In transition to the next section over, there was a collection of brands laid out. The stacks of t-shirts consisted of Insight, Bolt, and Globe. They also had great denim jeans by Goodstock. The rack to right was designated for clothing by Feal Mor.

>> Insight
>> Globe
>> Goodstock
>> Feal Mor

The Silent Auction

     Custom surfboards by Curtis Kulig and Alex Kopps X Travis Reynolds were auctioned off and proceeds were given to surf-based charities, Rio Breaks Foundation and Beyond the Surface International. You can still shop the Hellawood pop-up at Space 15 Twenty all month long. Check it out!


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