May 7, 2012


Photography taken by Dave Jaranilla

     Hot darn! The sun has been blazing in California lately, and I am not complaining. I am absolutely ready for summer! With this heat wave, it is time to bring out the summer brights. The vibrant colors can vary from accents of shirts, shoes, bottoms, and accessories. To make my point, I chose to combine more than one for this outfit. (haha)
     My shirt is from my collection of vintage graphic tees that I had posted recently. They are perfect for summer wear, and quite relevant since they were probably souvenirs from a summer vacation. My sunglasses are wayfarers that I had found at school. They were free giveaways, and I guess no one was bold enough to rock them. For bottoms, I chose to wear a light washed denim skinnies shorts to balance out the saturation of color. I wanted to keep it funky by wearing my 'American' Vans that I had purchased on Black Friday 2011 from Urban Outfitters. I hope y'all like my take on the modern greaser with the new haircut! Until the next one.

Vintage Tee- Thrifted
Neon Orange Wayfarer- Found
Levis Denim Shorts- Thrifted
Urban Outfitter's 'American' Vans- Black Friday Sale $20

Urban Outfitters Graphic T-Shirts- Urban Outfitters prices vary
ASOS Orange Crystal Wayfarer Sunglasses- ASOS $22
511 Skinny Cut-Off Shorts- Levi's $54
Urban Outfitter's 'American' Vans- Urban Outfitters $60

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