June 17, 2012

American Apparel Factory Flea Market 2012

"We'll be filling our factory floor with thousands of American Apparel garments at up to 90% off! Our Factory Flea Markets are attended by thousands of people who bring home bags and bags of great pieces at great prices. Since the sale is happening right here at the factory, there's no limit to the amount of merchandise we'll be selling! Inventory will be constantly replenished throughout the sale but get there early!" -American Apparel

     I've always admired American Apparel for their quality in colored cotton basics. They create a variety of knitwear from t-shirts, jeans, undergarments, and accessories. Lately I've been thriving for simplistic style and with American Apparel that is absolutely possible.
     Recently, I had received one of the most motivating compliments from Mr. Fjeld, a representative of the company. It was definitely humbling and advice that I take to heart. He also extended an invite to American Apparel's Seasonal Factory Flea Market Event. I have never been! When I was informed about their great deals and "vintage" section, I knew it was a must go. A thrifty opportunity and vintage clothing, what more could I ask for?
     This was my first time visiting the Los Angeles Factory. The building was not hard to find. The huge pink building surrounded by large Helvetica type on display posters made it easily identifiable. With a demand for such great deals, there was plenty of free accessible parking. The signs were also helpful as a guide.
     Once you are up the stairs, you enter a large industrial room dominated by white. The only colors that stood out were that of the bright and bold apparel. The room was divided by sections and were conveniently labeled for anyone to understand. Besides the aftermath of prowling, the set up of garments were organized. Of course they had workers that helped sort things out as well as aided you with any questions or concerns you may of had.
     The clothing put out for the sale are for every season as well. From swimwear to sweaters, their sale has got you covered. The items consisted of sample wear as well as some slightly repaired clothing that is definitely wearable. A bit of advice, as you are searching for pieces, make sure the repairs aren't noticeable. The event had a DJ that played great music while shopping. They even had a $5 dollar customizable print shop. You could print any image/type on any light material of choice. Pretty rad!
     I wasn't too successful with the vintage section because I went during midday. It seemed like nothing was left in the designated department, so I highly suggest you try to shop early. However, I did happen to come out with a great find that I will be posting for my next look. Be sure to check back soon. Until then, cheers!

Additional Information:
American Apparel Factory Flea Market Facebook Event Page


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