June 9, 2012

A Daily Dose

     It's not usual that I blog about my findings from one trip of thrifting. However, this case was a different story. The collection of clothing I discovered had to be shared. I haven't thrifted in forever. On my way home from L.A., I saw a thrift store that said, "Discount on Entire Store!" It was a sign, pun intended. (haha) I went inside the thrift store, and asked the owner what the sale was about. I was informed that it was 30% off any item! As I began to prowl the racks of clothing, I noticed that I was grabbing everything in sight. It wasn't necessarily because they were on sale, but because everything I touched was perfect for my taste. I won't go into too much detail about the clothing until I post a "thrift of the day." Here are a couple of items that I will be shooting next week for new summer looks. Enjoy!

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  1. Thrifting is so fun, discovering the clothes from the past, its cheap and its great when you find your style! Great purchases


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