July 10, 2012

Backpack in Action

     I am back and with a pack! (lol pun intended) It feels great to be home and back in action with blogging! The past few days without wifi was stressful, but I managed because there was so much to do on the ship. One of the most amazing weeks of my life! Now that I am situated and fully unpacked, I can not wait to share my looks and photos I shot from the cruise! I have a bunch of nostalgic sorting to do, but I will be posting as soon as possible.
     On to this post, here is a gnarly backpack I thrifted and restored. The bag had a yellow tint with a few stains when I had found it. I knew it was nothing a little eco friendly color safe bleach couldn't take care of. I soaked the back pack over night and it was good as new! Not only does this backpack have the perfect color scheme for "The Fourth of July", but it is also from American Apparel! How cool is that? Although I did not get celebrate one of my favorite holidays with a cool outfit, this backpack inspires me to shoot a look anyway. I am sure I will find a clever way to bend the rules ;) Stay tuned for the outfit post!

Thrift of the Day:
American Apparel (Red/White/Blue) Backpack- Thrifted

Nylon Cordura School Bag- American Apparel $42

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