July 4, 2012

Cabo Casual

Photography taken by Wrigely Corales

     Hola, Happy Fourth! If you follow my twitter (@aitsb), you would know that I haven't been able to blog because I am currently on a cruise of the Mexican Riviera! I tried my hardest to do a post before I left, but this week has been crazy busy in preparations for a mini concert performance at Universal City Walk, and of course this amazing cruise! Our boat has just ported at Cabo San Lucas, and will be staying here for two days. I am able to post because I am at a cafe with free wifi! Although my post may not be as constant this week, I promise I will have a ton of blogging to do when I get back. I have so many rad experiences and pictures to share! :)      Digressing, for this trip I wanted to pack an outfit that had a cultural feel. I was doing some research about the places we were visiting and came across some color schemes of my liking. A couple of weeks ago I thrifted the button up that I am wearing in this look. It had the perfect scheme of color! I also enjoy the variety of patterns because it reminded me of a fiesta, which was perfect for this location. I wanted to compliment the bottom half of my outfit by using basic items with earthy tones. I am wearing brown denim Levi's with my pants rolled up. My shoes are my suede red gum bottom that remind me of Mcnairy's dirty bucks. It is now time for me to do some exploring, and I will be sure to update as soon as I can. Adios amigos!

Pattern Button Up- Thrifted
511' Brown Levi's- Outlet
Vintage Suede Shoes- Thrifted

Vanishing Elephant Pattern Overshirt- ASOS $162
510™ Super Skinny Monochrome Pants - Levi's $40
Dirty Buck Suede Shoes- Mark Mcnairy $385

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