July 19, 2012

Debonaire Dinner

Photography taken by Drew

     The night of the formal dinner, on the cruise, I aimed for a more debonaire attire. With the perfect thrifted blazer, I knew exactly what type of look I wanted to go for. For this special occasion, the accent color was maroon. The Ted Lapidus blazer was the main piece of focus to work around in accomplishing my outift. The deep maroon velvet with subtle polka dot pattern can hold it's own with portraying a sleek and refined look. Because of this, I chose to use other garments that would help accent the blazer.
     In contrast to the white button up, I chose to wear a vintage tie from my thrifted collection. The neutral grey tie consisted of a cohesive type pattern that complimented the circular dots of the blazer. To keep the color scheme on the deeper side I chose to wear black slacks with my Salvatore Ferragamo Chukkas. To complete the look, I made sure to style my hair with a slick and wet finish.
     The formal dinners on the cruise are always the grandest. The whole family dresses up, take pictures, and enjoys an evening of the kitchen's best prepared meals. It was an eventful night! After dinner we did some major family bonding with live music, a little bit of kareoke, and dancing the night away.
     For the fancy dining, it is the best time to try everything on the menu. The kitchen brings out the more exotic courses. I decided to explore as much as I could, since the ordering is limitless. I leave you with a variety of dishes and desserts that I tried. Enjoy, because I sure did!

Thrift of the Day:
Ted Lapidus Blazer- Flea Market
White Button Up- Owned
Black Skinny Dress Pants- Buffalo Exchange
Salvatore Ferragamo Chukka- Ebay

Maroon Blazer- no reference
White Button Up- H&M $40
Black Slim Trousers- Topman $50
Salvatore Ferragamo Chukka- Barney's New York $340

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