July 29, 2012

Playa en la Playa

Photography taken by Jayenes

     Looking back at these photos of the cruise makes me tear up inside. I want to go back! Here is the Surf + Sun look I promised from the previous post. This was my swimwear ready attire that I purchased from Nordstrom Rack. I ended up pairing both garments together because they complimented each other. The warm and cool rule! Rules? (haha) Anyway, the hint of detail is contained in the typography of "surf." Inside the letters are light blue wave strokes that accent the turquoise shorts. The thing I missed the most is, after relaxing on the beach the fun didn't have to end.
     The ship had a mini waterpark, pools, and jacuzzis. If you didn't want to get wet, there were plenty of places to lay out while enjoying a movie on the jumbotron or the 24 hour frozen yogurt machine! Whether I was on the shores of Cabo or making use of the ship's waterworks, I made sure I was seamed right. ;) Til' the next one, cheers readers!

Matte Black Ray-ban- Owned
Threads 4 Thought Tank- Nordstrom Rack
Trunks Boardshorts- Nordstrom Rack

Matte Ray-Ban Sunglasses- Ray-Ban $125
CHEVRON TRIANGLE TANK- Threads 4 Thought $34
Blue Swami Boardshorts- Trunks $48

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