July 17, 2012

Short Pattern

     Heat waves have been attacking California! I don't mind it so much since I am always at the beach. (haha) Which brings me to this post, printed shorts are a a way to look cool while staying cool. For summer 2012, I have been seeing all types of printed shorts online, on people, and even in clothing stores. There is such an overload, that I might be stating the obvious if you haven't noticed this current trend. The ones photographed above are a few of my favorites. I didn't post a full view of them because these will be featured in upcoming looks.
     These three shorts are the types of prints to look out for: camo, floral, and interesting. I found the camo and floral shorts at the same thrift store in Los Angeles. The reason why I bought these camo shorts was that the print wasn't the typical army print. This camo had a more spotted quality and contained more hues. For the floral shorts, they instantly stood out to me because of the brightness in color. They are made of cotton and lightweight in comfort. I really enjoy the details and illustrative type flowers. The navy blue shorts are by The Webster Miami. They are called the "Palm" short and have a very interesting type pattern. The palm leaves on the short are printed in a gradient of 3 colors (green/blue/pink) and different levels of fade. The shorts were originally priced $30 dollars. I suggest if you like this pair, you should go check out Target's clearance rack. These bad boys are only $9! I had to search a couple of stores for The Webster "Palm" shorts and if you don't have any luck you can buy them online at Target. (reference link below)

Thrift of the Day:
Camo Short- Thrifted
Floral Short- Thrifted
The Webster "Palm" Short- Target Clearance $9

Urban Renewal Camo Cargo Short- Urban Outfitters $19
Paul Smith Hawaiian Flower Shorts- ASOS $124
The Webster "Palm" Short- Target $30

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