August 8, 2012

Array of Color (Dockers Collaboration 2)

Photography taken by Wrigely Corales

     After being sent the Alpha Khakis from Dockers, I couldn't wait to feature them in a look. The versatility of these pants made it difficult in choosing the perfect outfit to showcase them at their best. From experience, these pants could be styled in any fashion. After countless try ons, my final decision came down to the way I felt in the overall look.
     My latest post have been more summer casual, and with these pants I wanted to go a different route. I decided to go with a more sophisticated style, but still in touch with the season. To compliment the red faded Alpha's, I chose a cooler top. I made sure to include a pattern for the upper half to set off the solid pant. The rest of the items are in a natural color. They include my retro wooden watch from the last post, and my vintage leather dress shoes.

Stripe Short Sleeve- Owned
Retro Wooden Watch- Thrifted
Alpha Khakis- Feature Collaboration
Vintage Leather Shoes- Thrifted

Velour Multi Striped Linen Shirt- ASOS $168
Nixon's "The Mellor Automatic"- Nixon $600
Dockers Alpha Khaki- Dockers $59
Bacco Bucci 'Fenn' Oxford- Nordstrom $180

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  1. wow, really good photos! Have a nice day dude :)


    1. Thanks so much Lipoo! You have a good one as well sir!


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