August 2, 2012

Dockers Delivery

    "The intention of the Alpha was to be a style that would allow the wearer many of the benefits of their favorite pair of jeans but in a more refined, khaki form. From the jeans side of things, you get the slim cut, the rugged construction, and the way denim breaks-in, softens and wears-down over time. From the khaki side of things, you get the more polished details of a classic chino. In short, you get a pant that is soft from the start without the stiffness of a new pair of jeans; coupled with the breathability of a khaki's cotton twill, making the Alpha not only an appealing alternative to denim, but also an ideal summer pant. It offers the fit (and more) of a jean, but keeps you cooler and more comfortable than denim during the warmer months." -Dockers
    The brand couldn't of described these amazing pair of Alphas any better. I was incredibly humbled by Emily and Brett, representatives of the brand, for reaching out to me about trying these stellar pants. The tagline of the Alpha, "where jeans end, and khaki begin," is spot on. With these pants you get all the between benefits of both jeans and khakis.
     The first thing that caught my attention were the selection of colors they came in. I personally favored the minty green and faded red, but the other selections are in colors that I don't even own. (and I own quite a few haha) I was intrigued by the description of pant being "slim tapered." I have never heard that description, and after I tried them on I knew exactly why. These pants are versatile fit. The Alphas are tailored, but still in a relaxed condition. They can be worn casually, or even dressed up. I could hardly wait to put a look for each pair, so I shot them as soon as possible. Stay tuned on how I put the amazing characteristics of the Alphas to use!

Dockers Alpha Khaki- Dockers $59

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