August 25, 2012

Dry Palette

Photography taken by Khang

     Summer is not quite over, but the "vacation" aspect is coming to an end for most people. My little brother, came down from 29 Palms and we did our usual routines of going to the beach, movies, and favorite places to eat. Before taking him home, we had to do some major back to school shopping to do. (He lives in the desert where style is limited haha) One of his favorite places to shop is PacSun because of their rad "back to school" deals. Right now, PacSun's basic denim are buy one get one free. They also have a "Mix and Match" Promo where you can pair two selective items and get one of them half off.      One of the shirts I picked out for my little brother, I almost bought for myself. This Y-Henley shirt by On The Byas Brook is perfection. I really enjoy the delicate pattern on the shirt and the details of the denim like trim around the collar. My bro and I have a rule to not buy the same clothes. (haha) We made a deal that before taking him home, he would help me shoot a look featuring the shirt for my blog. And here we are...      I paired the shirt with PacSun's Bullhead Drakes Skinniest Khakis, which I got a while back during their BOGO sale as well. I chose a dry color palette inspired by the desert, since I knew that was where we were going to be shooting. To finish the look, I wore my leather Pony sneakers. If you have some "back to school" shopping to do, I suggest that you make a stop to PacSun and check out their thrifty deals!

On The Byas Brook Short Sleeve Y-Henley Shirt- PacSun BOGO
Bullhead Skinny Khaki- PacSun BOGO
Pony Leather Shoes- Thrifted

On The Byas Brook Short Sleeve Y-Henley Shirt- PacSun $22
Bullhead Dillon Skinny Twill Pants- PacSun $50
Pony Leather Shoes- no reference

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