August 22, 2012

Shore Style

Photography taken by Jenn

     This look was taken while I was lounging in Laguna. One of my favorite beaches to enjoy scenic shores and clear blue water. When I am out there I feel like I am vacationing on a tropical island. The beach contains gnarly tied pools and are surrounded by tall palm trees. I decided to put a stylized look for the shore while enjoying the beach with my buddies.
     I wore leather loafers because I knew I was going to be walking in sand. With that in mind, I chose to keep my accessory accents black. This outfit has a mixture of textures. The top consists of denim over a cotton v-neck, and my bottoms are camel chino pants from H&M. These pants are such a great color I had to buy them! Again, my color choices were playing off the warm and cool. To add a bit of bright detail, I wore my aztec patterned belt.

Denim Short Sleeve Button Up- Thrifted
Aztec Woven Belt- Thrifted
H&M Camel Chino- Owned
Vans CA 106 Moc Sudan Brown- Nordstrom Rack $28

Denim Short Sleeve Button Up- American Apparel $54
Aztec Waist Belt- ASOS $13
H&M Camel Chino- H&M $30
Allen Edmonds 'Carlsbad' Penny Loafer- Nordstrom $325

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