August 28, 2012

Van Doren

     This is not necessarily a thrift of a day post, considering not many people have a cool cousin that works at Vans. (haha) Nonetheless, I had to post about this amazing collection by Van Doren. It was introduced this summer, but intended for Fall 2012. The "Van Doren" is a series of shoes with a variety of cool prints on stonewashed canvas. I must of been attracted to this collection of shoes, as it is a vintage throwback to the style of Van's back in the 1980's. I personally thought these shoes were meant for summer, and I have been rocking them ever since I purchased them in July. It was a tough debate in choosing a print because they are all rad, but luckily my cousin gets 50% off with her employee discount! I chose the multi color stripe pattern from the men's and the red hawaiian print from the women's section.

Thrift of the Day:
Van Doren Era- Van's Employee Discount

Van Doren Era- Vans$55

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