August 19, 2012

Warm and Cool

Photography taken by Michelle Kira

     When I am not catching waves, I still like to chill by the beach. Something about the surroundings and sounds puts me in a better place. Of course, I rock my fresh kicks when I know they aren't going to get sandy. This was a look I shot while hanging out at the Santa Monica Pier.
     I chose the shoes first because I wanted to put these rad summer Vans Moc to use. I complimented them by including the same tints of the shoe in my camo shorts. I also wore a cool colored denim short sleeve to contrast the warmth of the outfit. The look is basic with print and details. Til' the next one!

Denim Short Sleeve Button Up- Thrifted
Camo Short- Thrifted
Vans CA 106 Moc Sudan Brown- Nordstrom Rack $28

Denim Short Sleeve Button Up- American Apparel $54
Urban Renewal Camo Cargo Short- Urban Outfitters $19
Vans CA 106 Moc Sudan Brown- Polyvore $110

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