September 30, 2012

A Fall Behind

     Hello readers! It has been way too long since I have posted. I give my deepest apologies for falling behind. Auditions have been picking up this month, and my talent agency has been putting me to work. I also have been spending most of my days taking dance class in North Hollywood, and will soon be enrolling into an acting studio soon. I am super stoked for this new chapter, but I digress.
     Finally, fall is here! I can't wait to start layering and bring out the subdued colors. I found these stellar dress pants at a local thrift store. What better way to pick up the slack with some slacks? ;) (haha) It is rare for me to find a dress pant tailored to my measurments. As you can see no belt is needed with this system of sercuring, which is why they needed to fit perfectly. My favorite thing about these pants is the vintage feel they posses, which is probably where I will take the look when featuring them in my next post. Until soon! Cheers.

Thrift of the Day:
Vintage Plaid Dress Pant- Thrifted

Vintage Plaid Dress Pant- no reference

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