September 6, 2012

Desert Island

Photography taken by Khang
     It rained in Cali yesterday! I hope the hot weather isn't coming to an end. This was the second look I shot in the desert when I dropped my little brother back off home in 29 Palms a while back. My brother and I hit up Joshua Tree National Park and did some exploring.
     I intended my clothes to match the landscape as it was my inspiration for the choice of colors. I wore a denim-like J.Crew polo that I had thrifted in the bay. I didn't know if it was distressed from the wear and tear, but the edges came out nice. With my shoes, I wanted to bring some color and plant life to the desert. (haha) I thought would be kind of cool to rock my hawaiian floral printed Vans Dorens...the irony.

Denim-like Polo- Thrifted
Bullhead Skinny Khaki- PacSun BOGO
Van Doren Era- Van's Employee Discount

Peoples Market Polo Shirt Pient- ASOS $38
Bullhead Dillon Skinny Twill Pants- PacSun $50
Van Doren Era- Vans $55

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