September 10, 2012

James Disney

Photography taken by Jenn

     Before heading to Disneyland with the family, my cousin and I hit up the Salvation Army by her house in Mission Viejo. It became a routine to do whenever I am up there. That day "seamed right" because I thrifted an authentic Classic Disney Pluto shirt. The store had their random 50% off sale and the shirt only cost me $1. We seem to have developed a 6th sense for knowing the days that they having these deals. (haha)
     The new Cars Land had opened up, and I had never been to the new attraction. I heard about their classic cars and diner area. I am a big fan of the 50's era. With my thrifted Disney shirt, I decided to channel my inner James Dean for my first experience at the revamped California Adventure. I tucked my shirt inside my acid washed Levi's that was held up by a belt, threw on some black wayfarers, and rolled up my pants over my sneakers. Boomtown!

Classic Disney Pluto Tee- Thrifted
Levi's Acid Washed Skinnies- Owned
Old Navy Sneakers- Old Navy Sale Section

Classic Disney Tees- Disney Store prices vary
Blue Acid Wash Jeans- Topman $80
Chuck Taylor All Star- Converse $55

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