September 4, 2012

Summer Swaggy

     One of the coolest jobs I had worked on this summer, was Justin Bieber's infamous "Boyfriend" music video. The video was a rooftop bash shot in Los Angeles. The video captures Justin and his "girlfriend" along with his posse boys and their girlfriends. I had the honor of being one of the "boyfriends" partnered with gorgeous model, Jocelyn Chew. As most of you know from my "Seamed On Set" posts, I am notorious for styling myself on these types of jobs. I arrived on set wearing clothes I put together from my Seamed Right collection. I went through wardrobe and they digged my attire! I was approved by the styling department and got to wear everything of my own.
Photography taken by Wrigely Corales

     I kept JB's style in mind before putting my outfit together. I made sure to bring out my swaggiest choice of clothing. (haha) I started my outfit with my Bahama Tank that I got for $1 on a family cruise, and a pair of thrifted camo cargo pants. I didn't really have a color scheme for this look, I went with more of a feeling as I was trying things on. I wore whatever felt swaggy! (haha) These CA Era 45's finished my look, but I didn't feel complete. Adding more layers of swag, I put on a thrifted Levi's denim vest (cut off the sleeves from the original jacket) over a gray hoodie zip-up. I present a summer fit for a summer hit! I hope I did good, Ryan Good!
     Our phones were confiscated upon arrival for confidentiality purposes, so I wasn't able to post a lot of my own on set photos. But, here are some behind the scenes footage captured by the paparazzi. It was super fun hanging on set with such a humble, talented, and goofy cat. Until the next one, that's a wrap. Swaggy!

Bahamas Tank- $1
Levi's Denim Vest- Thrifted/DIY
Gray BDG Zip Hoody- Owned
Camo Cargo Pants- Thrifted
CA Era 45 Vans- Owned

Tank With Nautical Print- ASOS $28
Sleeveless Denim Jacket- American Apparel $66
California Fleece Sleeveless Zip Hoody- American Apparel $38
Camo Cargo Pants- Urban Outfitters prices vary
CA Era 45 Vans- Owned- Vans $40-$60

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