December 20, 2012

Thank You Tungsten

    "The faceted, metallic gun-metal sections of the NITRO create an industrial look and feel that epitomizes boldness. Eight deep cuts expose the rugged character of this ring. This new Tungsten Forever design goes through many additional stages to fabricate a unique cutting edge look and it tough enough to take the abuse of daily wear. Unlike other tungsten rings online, our Tungsten Forever™ bands are independently tested to guarantee they are the toughest of them all! " -Tungsten World
    Lately, I have been looking for the perfect ring to wear when accessorizing. Men's rings are limited, and for me, quite difficult to find one that is both fashionable and masculine. In my opinion, the 'ring finger' isn't only meant for wedding bands, but also for an option to enhance an outfit. Thanks to Vince at Tungsten World, I received this early Christmas gift. The brand couldn't of been more spot on to what I was looking for. The subtle details and matte brushed metal finish make me confident in wearing the Nitro with any attire.
     Tungsten World not only satisfies their customer with a wide selection of rings, but they also cater to your every need. I was first sent a ring sizer to find the perfect fit, as this ring will last you a lifetime. After responding with my size the ring was sent within the next few hours. The ring arrived within the next few days, which was sooner than I anticipated.
     After analyzing the ring in person, I realized the versatility of the Nitro. The ring is perfection! It contains the perfect balance of boldness in contrast with the delicate cuts. I wear the ring without any fear of scratching because the scale of hardness is close to a diamond. I am super excited to put a look together featuring the Nitro. Check back to see how I use the amazing qualities of the ring to enhance an outfit.

Tungsten Nitro 8MM- Tungsten World $219

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