February 12, 2013

A Cold Case

Photography taken by Wrigely Corales

     This absence has lasted too long! I'd like to blame it on a horrible cold I caught, but that wouldn't be a legit excuse. (haha) However, it has been FREEZING in California lately and I have decided to post a look :) It's hard to manage your time when you are extremely passionate about many things. A couple opportunities have opened up to Seamed Right. I am excited to blog about them in the next month, which is what is motivating me to be more active on the blog. If you are still here, I greatly appreciate your support. If you don't see a recent post on here, you can always follow my Twitter and Instagram which I update daily. (@AitsB) Stay with me! :)
     On to the look, my inspiration was an outfit that would endure the freezing temperatures. This winter weather came out of no where as the temperature drops drastically at night. After starting with the trench coat, I added more layers of sophistication. My look evolved into an inspiration drawn from Sherlock Holmes, which is appropriate as I am trying to solve this mystery of the cold. (haha) I absolutely loved the styling in the modern day version of the film featuring Robert Downey Jr. For finishing touches, I added a fedora, one of my favorite thrifted briefcases, and wrapped my scarf the way Holmes would. I hope I did it justice ;)

Videography by Dave Jaranilla

Trench Coat- Thrifted
White Collared Button Up- Thrifted
Vintage Vest- Thrifted
Dress Pants- Urban Oufitters Sale Rack
Scarf & Fedora- H&M
Briefcase- Thrifted
Vintage Roblee Dress Shoe- Thrifted

Burberry Brit 'Britton' Trench Coat- Nordstrom $667
Jack & Jones Intelligence Shirt - ASOS $61
Hawkings McGill Stanton Tweed Vest- Urban Outfitters $69
NUMBER:Lab Tailored Trouser- Saks Fifth Avenue $122
Président Clausseur- Louis Vuitton $9,050
Prada High Shine Apron Toe Oxford- Nordstrom $650

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