March 21, 2013

Spring Breaker

Photography taken by Peter Adrian

     The weather has been amazing lately, and perfect for spring break! Time to hit up the beach and live it up to the fullest. Speaking of "Spring Breakers," the movie is in theaters tomorrow! If not for the story, I will watch it for the beautiful cast ;) I drew a little inspiration from the bright colors and edge portrayed in the trailer for this "spring break" look.
     My shirt is an old school Bugle Boy button up that I had thrifted. Amazing find right? (that was rhetorical haha!) Since, I wanted to "highlight" the shirt, I kept the rest of my outfit pretty basic and neutral. I wore a plain white tee underneath, paired with some copper shorts. The Vans I am wearing were a gift from my cousin, and I must say she has great taste. I love how the outer part of the shoe is simple, but contain that splash of colored detail on the inside. The final touches to this look was a woven bracelet and these gnarly wayfarers. I had to keep it gangster like James Franco. (haha)
     I hope y'all are enjoying your break so far. I can't wait to hit up Huntington Beach next Tuesday! Every Tuesday, they host a street fair on Main St. with live entertainment and a variety of food stands. Coming from a beach boy, It's my usual routine to visit ;) Check back with me soon! Here is the trailer for the movie...enjoy!

Bugle Boy Button Up- Thrifted
White T-Shirt- Owned
Copper Shorts- Thrifted
Neon/Black Wayfarer- Found
Woven Bracelet- Old Navy Sale Rack
Vans- Gifted

Abandon Ship T-Shirt- ASOS $51
Samsoe Samsoe Chino Shorts- ASOS $30
C&L Era 59- Vans $55
Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer- Ray-ban $160

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