May 24, 2013

If You Let Me Treasure You

Photography taken by Peter Adrian

     Yesterday, I hung out with the bro Peter Adrian. We killed two birds with one stone (not literally lol), but by shooting some looks while we kicked it. Prints are common trend during spring...floral, camo, you name it...which is why there are flowers and camo captured along with this look. Haha! On to the outfit...
     My camo long sleeve was a pajama shirt that I had worn back in high school. I can say it is a treasure of mine. I knew it would come in handy, which is probably why I didn't let it go. (haha) I chose similar leather colored items to accent the browns within the camo shirt. In contrast to the earth tones, I wore denim for added cool colors. I will be posting soon, and as always, thanks for reading! Enjoy this tune:)

Denim Long Sleeve- Thrifted
Camo Long Sleeve- Owned
Leather Fedora- Buffalo Exchange
Denim Shorts- Thrifted
Leather Chukkas- Peter's Closet

Denim Long Sleeve Button-Up - American Apparel $68
10 Deep T-shirt Printed Camo- American Apparel $72
Leather Fedora- no reference
Levi's 511 Rigid Indigo Cutoff Short- Urban Outfitters $39
Leather Hipster Chukka- John Varvatos $198

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