June 20, 2013

June Flowers

Photography taken by Peter Adrian

     "May showers bring June flowers!" Is that how the saying goes? (haha) That's besides the point, but floral patterns are a "in' for me during summer. I mean flowers bring color and a splash of fun when decorating anything, why not use them in your outfit?
     The OBEY Meadowlark Snapback was what I worked my entire outfit off of. I got this hat a while back at Urban Outfitters on sale, and I loved the colors and design of it. I am wearing a $9 basic stripe v-neck from Target, and some thrifted cord shorts that used to be pants. When I thrift pants that are too long or fit weird at the bottom, I transform them into shorts! (haha) I added a repeat of leather, from the hat, with my loafers from Urban Outfitters Black Friday Sale, and bracelet from Pete's collection. Quick and simple summer look. Color, prints, and patterns my friends :)

OBEY Meadowlark Snapback Hat- Owned
Mossimo Supply Co. V-Neck- Owned
Chord Shorts- Thrifted/DIY
Leather Loafers- Urban Outfitters Sale

OBEY Meadowlark Snapback Hat - Urban Outfitters sale
Mossimo Supply Co. V-Neck- Target $9
Dov's Corduroy Short- American Apparel $47
Sahara Original Boat Shoe- Sperry Top-Sider $85

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