August 28, 2013

Back to School

Photography taken by Carly Beth

     Are you a rebel, nerd, or rocker? The social labels of high school can be dreadful, but if you own it, it's not all that bad. This collaborative post is dedicated to you "back to school" shoppers or students who have already endured their first day of school. It felt just like high school all over again shooting these looks with my brothers, Peter and Yoshi, as we actually attended the same high school. I might add that we weren't this trendy back then (haha), so hopefully this helps some of you who are developing your personal style in school. My biggest advice would be to not be afraid to explore different looks.
     With this post we attempted a new way of posting. The idea came up spontaneously as we were shooting individual looks for our blogs. In the end we accomplished a campaign type aesthetic with our outfit breakdowns included in our solo photos. What do you guys think of the outcome? My individual outfit breakdown and comparison of retail will be blogged in the next post. Stay tuned! H.A.G.S.Y...Have a great school year! ;)

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