September 30, 2013

Men Shop at Madison

     "Madison, renowned for its extensive selection of contemporary and designer clothing, shoes and accessories, has made its mark in Los Angeles by offering a lifestyle of fashion, wearability and practicality; timelessly chic. Madison has become known for its “tasteful edits” of a designer’s collection, choosing the best for its shoppers. For this reason, we have become a favorite among celebrities, fashion stylists, and press." - Madison Los Angeles
     I couldn't of said it any better. Madison Men's Shop not only carries the top brands, but their selection is a filter of the best clothing in each brand. When I attended the grand opening of Madison's Men Shop a while back, I was in awe of their selection of brands that they carried in the store. As a thrifted blogger, I could only dream of wearing some of their clothing. Recently, my dreams came true as I did an exclusive style pull for Seamed Right.
     I wanted to highlight my favorite fall pieces of the store. I also chose clothing to show my readers the range of style when shopping at the Men's Shop, whether it be their variety of plaid button downs, vintage and distressed garments, or tailored pants. My next few outfit posts will be a "styled top to bottom" look utilizing the brands of their men's shop, and also how to highlight each individual item I pulled with a few of my thrifted favorites. I am a fan of Madison Men's Shop. I suggest you check them out!

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Instagram: @MadisonsMenShop

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