September 28, 2013

Mixed to Match

Photography taken by Carly Beth

     Greetings from San Ramon! I am in northern California for a music video shoot. I didn't want to leave my readers hanging, so here is a spiffy fall look. One of my favorite stylings from runways of men's fall 2012/2013 collections was their crew necks over button ups.
     Sometimes it feels good to just throw a look together with out any deep thought. I like to call it, "matching but not matching." An outfit can still be aesthetically pleasing as long as everything visually compliments each other. For example, this look uses totally different fabric textures and colors, but somehow it Seamed Right! ;) Have fun with your looks and take a break from being particular to matching things up.

H&M Blazer- Owned
Paisley Button Up- Thrifted
Crew Neck Sweater- Thrifted
dENiZEN Maroon Skinnies- Target
Salvatore Ferragamo Chukkas- Ebay

H&M Blazer- H&M $50
Paisley Check Classic Fit Cotton Sport- Nordstrom $179
Honeycomb Knit Crewneck Sweater-Nordstrom $225
Bullhead Denim Co Dillon Skinny Maroon Pant- Pacsun $54
Frye James Leather Chukka Boots- Bloomingdale's $268

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