October 18, 2013

Blacked Out

Photography taken by Carly Beth

     Excuse the hiatus, for I must have blacked out for a while. (haha) The theme for this attire is stripping of color and utilizing the greyscale. After taking a closer look at this gnarly varsity jacket from Madison Los Angeles Mens Shop, I decided to play on the different texture of blacks with my whole outfit. I love the front welt pockets with leather trim and ribbed banding at edges. My favorite detail is the leather sleeves against the wool shell of the jacket. I didn't want the outfit to be completely dark. I wore a basic tee under with fine black stripes, and grey pants with black threaded texture. The look is finished off with matte black Ray-Bans and accents of silver from the buttons and belt buckle.

Golden Bear Sportswear Varsity Jacket- Feature Collabo
Natural Black Lydia Stripe T-Shirt- American Apparel Factory Flea Market $10
Matte Black Ray-Ban- Owned
Black/Brown Reversible Belt- TJ Maxx
Grey Dress Pant- Buffalo Exchange
Aquila Leather Boots- Thrifted

Golden Bear Sportswear Varsity Jacket- Madison Men's Shop $368.00
Natural Black Lydia Stripe T-Shirt- American Apparel $38
Matte Ray-Ban Sunglasses- Ray-Ban $125
Reversible Leather Belt- Nordstrom $50
Grey Oxford Slim Pants- Topman $75
Black Square Toe Boot- no reference

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  1. Oh my I want that jacket!


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