November 8, 2013

Bloomingdale's: Glendale Blooms

     "Glendale is one of the most important openings to date, and we are invigorated by the unique shopping experience that was created especially for this community,” said Michael Gould, chairman and CEO of Bloomingdale’s. “This will be the eighth location for our brand in Southern California, and it’s an exciting opportunity to further serve our loyal clientele as well as attract new shoppers."

     Today, Bloomingdale's opened their newest store in Glendale in honor of their 37th store in the United States. The 115,000 square-foot store includes 48 designer shops spread upon two levels. The store offers an assortment of fashionable essentials for women, men, and children. What raises the level of the shopping experience is the personal assistance from complementary Style Advisors and even a Studio Service team available to work with members of the film and television industries.
     Three days before the store's opening I was able to attend the "Bloomingdale's Glendale Premiere Event." The entrance's visual display establishes a preview of the store's essence with their bright vintage marquee lights, glitz, and reflective material. I immediately felt an "Old Hollywood Glam" vibe captured within the classic dramatics of the black and white surroundings.
     The invited guests were seated for a opening presentation by the mastermind himself, Jack Hruska. Mr. Hruska was named Executive Vice President for Creative Services in January 2006. In this role, he is responsible for store planning and design, visual merchandising, public relations and special events. Everything he explained about Glendale store's inspiration and purpose was experienced spot on as I recieved a personal tour of the store.
     The high raised ceiling and aesthetically pleasing visuals increased the grandeur of the store. I was motivated to wander as each designer's environments had their own intimacy waiting to be explored. I recognized the community based feeling that was mentioned and how it differed from the look and feel of their Santa Monica store. I learned that the design team had focus groups and even drove through neighborhoods to explore architectures to really grasp the heart of Glendale. The store combines the elements of entertainment within the community, such as the use of photography from the WB Studio's archives. While being highly inspired by the glamour and jazz, Bloomingdale’s Glendale manages to keep their contemporary style.

     The first floor of the store features a dedicated area for men. As the black and white checkered tiles begin to fade into white concrete, a masculine environment featuring a variety of metals, woods, and a unique trapeze hanging system suspended from the ceiling awaits.
     As a menswear blogger, I wanted to emphasize on the extremely well catered to men's department. The Men's Store contains a variety of the classics and cool attire that are strategically displayed throughout this area. Each section from formal, casual, grooming, denim, to shoes received their own special light treatment. By the furnishing pieces and details of design I could tell each extension of the menswear department was thought about thoroughly. Their collection of brands from clothing to accessories, hold true to them being a one stop shop.

     One of my favorite sections was labeled "Groomed" in broadway lights. This area includes an assortment of men's fragrances and skincare. The full service grooming room included a barber chair and offers facial spa trestments.

     Bloomingdale's really wanted to amplify the British resources in the men's world. You can find a selection of popular and up-and-coming brands from Britain here. The Beatles were used as a way to take part in the British promotion. The multiple framed images are from the visual designer's personal Instagram. A cool and creative installment I had observed.

     Bloomingdale's Glendale has the largest shoe floor for men. They include a wide variety of shoes from performance to fashion styles. Ranging from high to low, casual to upscale, their men's shoe is the sneakerhead's go to destination. They offer a full service experience as technology allows you to purchase your shoes from your chair after trying on the perfect pair.

     Even the young man would have fun shopping for the latest in apparel and accessories amongst reinterpreted playground pieces designed especially for the young consumer. If this existed when I was a child, I think I would of been more into clothes rather than toys. I suggest you follow the black and white checkered tiled road, because there is no place like Bloomingdale's Glendale.

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