November 11, 2013


     Was anyone able to check out the new Glendale Blooms? Here is the outfit I wore to the Bloomingdale's Glendale Premiere Event. Without knowing, I was actually able to blend in with the menswear display for their fall visuals. (as shown on my Instagram: @aitsb) Some fall must-haves are garments of grey, navy, and of course full suits for holiday celebrations. I added a gradient tie to my attire to make this sleek look a little more playful.

Blazer- H&M
Navy Button Up- H&M
Gradient Skinny Tie- Forever 21
Dress Pants- H&M
Striped Dress Socks- owned
Vintage Roblee Dress Shoe- Thrifted

H&M Blazer- H&M prices vary
H&M Dark Blue Slim-fit Shirt- H&M $15
Calibrate Gradient Skinny Tie- no reference
H&M Dress Pant-H&M $35
H&M 5-Pack Variety Dress Socks- H&M $10
Gordon Rush Parsons Leather Oxfords- Bloomingdale's $225

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