November 1, 2013

I Own the Night

Photography taken by Mother

     My favorite time of the year to style a look! Halloween allows me to explore creativity without any limits. I am not a fan of buying a costume because "Doing It Yourself" is way more exciting! I can save money, be original, and create exactly what I want. This year was super last minute, but it worked out in my favor because I was smart about who I chose to be.
     I picked X-Men's Nightcrawler because I knew I had all the pieces of his outfit in my closet. The trench coat and vest were thrifted a while back. I haven't worn these Converse since they were given to me a couple years ago because I kind of grew out of them. (haha) My white gloves were from photo lab class. The items I used to create Nightcrawler's face were left overs from my last Halloween costume. I reused my cat-eye contacts because Halloween eye effects are now banned! I perviously bought the make up at Party City. The only thing I purchased this year was the "flesh latex," which was only $5. Imagine, create, save!

DIY Costume Breakdown:
Face Makeup- Party City
Brown Trench Coat- Thrifted
Vest- Thrifted
White Gloves- Owned
Turtleneck- Owned
Levi's Black Skinnies- Owned
Converse- Owned

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