November 17, 2013

Original Penguin at Glendale Galleria

     "As a testament to the timeless appeal of the Original Penguin clothing company's classic designs, the shirts catapulted back into fashion starting in 2000, when young trendsetters started scouring yard sales and demanding their favorite vintage stores restock the cult classics. In 2003, this overwhelming new audience led to the rebirth of an Original Penguin by Munsingwear, and an alliance with an international fashion house. Penguin's archive of mid-century classics was reworked to reflect today's lifestyle without compromising the heritage or craftsmanship that had made Penguin's name." - Original Penguin

     Being an admirer of Original Penguin, it was truly a pleasure to stop by their new store location at the Glendale Galleria. I was one of those "young trendsetters" who would get excited to come across their brand at a vintage/thrift store. One of my favorite eras was during the 50's because of the retro style, which Original Penguin was predominantly established. It felt refreshing stepping into their store as the brand's new collection combines currents trends within their classic ethos. Their clothing is even more refined, tailored, and updated with playful sophistication. Original Penguin's renewed originality will not go unnoticed.

     Original Penguin's iconic polos remain sharp and stylish, but with the introduction of their Polo 2.0, those elements are elevated. Polo 2.0 has a narrower chest and collar, shortened 3-button placket, and the fit has a slight taper through the waist. For more of a casual feel, they have an assortment of simple graphic tees with effective play on words.

     Have you ever wondered how penguins looks stylish in the freezing weather? Hence the brand's name, Original Penguin's outerwear allows you to look cool while staying warm. One can keep it classy with their retro-esque coats or zipped up in a rugged mountain jacket. I love the detailing of their outerwear, whether it be a change in texture as you roll up the sleeves, or their colored zippers and elbow patches. Athletic wear is becoming more popular, and the brand made sure to include varsity style jackets/hoodies and windbreakers. The 'Camo Windbreaker' was one of my favorites. It has a hip print that allows you to stand out while blending in. Their shelves offer v-neck sweaters, crew neck sweaters, and even long sleeve sweater polos.

     Below their highlighted gold logo is a dimly lit area designated for buyers to sit comfortably while trying on shoes. You can loosen up while lacing up with a relaxed fit in their selection of shoes. If the colors of the walls didn't indicate anything, you can also add warmth to your look by snagging an Original Penguin hat, beanie, or scarf.

     When it comes to their choice of pant, The brand has a variety of fits, assortment of colors, and variation in fabric. To avoid being too subdued with the fall color scheme, I suggest adding a dash of color with their "Whitfield Garment Dye Chino." If you need a ready-to-wear look, or one suited for the office, Original Penguin has got your bottom covered.

     I am all about details. They can be something so small yet effective. Original Penguin offers a wide selection of accessories, including formal pieces. Get noticed with a sharp watch, spiffy bow tie, or an accent hue from their wallets and cool printed socks. I picked out some of my fall favorites from the store, and I can't wait to style some new outfits to share. In the meantime, stop by their new location and stay tuned for the look post. Peep the Penguin!

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